Weddings & Functions

Wedding Packages

We have carefully special plan each and every wedding packages to suit the needs of the bride. Negotiations and alternative suggestions are welcomed and we would love to make your special day a memorable one.

The Venue:

Ceremony areas:

With so many possibilities, you are able to choose a Ceremony area that will suit your needs and expectations on the Merwida Country Lodge property.

On the staircase:

Walk up the magnificent MCL staircase to say “I do” while friends and family surround you from all angles. Creating a totally different atmosphere, guests can now experience a wedding ceremony from whichever side they choose to.

In the Rose Square:

 Say “I do” on the perfect lawns of Merwida Country Lodge, being surrounded by white    Iceberg roses. Perfect in the summer and combined with the spectacular views of the    mountains and vineyards, the photos look like a fairytale.

 Under the trees:

The many old trees creating a canopy over the lovely grass lawn gives a forest like    feel to the Wedding Ceremony. Creating divine shade and a beautiful backdrop, this    is the perfect location to say “I do”.

Whitehouse Wedding:


Awed by the architecture of the Lodge, say I do with the Whitehouse as your backdrop.

 Pre-reception areas:

Allow guests to mingle while the memories of your perfect day are being photographed. Guests can enjoy welcome drinks and snacks while they wait for the newlywed couple    to arrive.

Around the Pool:


With ample shade from the patio and trees, guests can wait in style while the wedding    couple photographs are being taken. With wooden furniture placed around the pool    area, guests are allowed to relax while they enjoy a variety of canapés and snacks.

 Under the trees:

The many trees build a forest like feel and create ample shade for guests to wait    upon the wedding couple. This area is perfect when you choose to have your Reception    around the pool area, as you do not want guests to move through the Reception area    before the time.

Reception Areas

Our many available Reception Areas allows you to choose the grand setting for your    wedding. Choosing between a stylish Banquet Hall, a Poolside Reception or a Forest    feel fairytale wedding, your needs and expectations can be accommodated. Our wedding    package includes round tables and chairs, cutlery and crockery, as well as white    table linen, chair covers and serviettes.

Banquet Hall

The Banquet Hall can seat up to 130 people with round tables. The classical theme    of the Hall makes it ideal when “style” is what you are looking for. Very little    decor is required as the colours and lighting is already faultless. The Banquet Hall    opens up to the Poolside area, as well as into the dance floor area which leads to    the bar and again to the Poolside area. Weddings with 60 guests or less can have    a dance floor inside the Banquet Hall.

Outside patio

 The gorgeous architecture of the house forms a perfect backdrop for weddings on the    Outside patio. Making use of drapings, fairy lights and ivy, a great setting is created.


Functions? We do them all. From baby-showers to Year end functions.

Each function is quoted for separately to include all goods and services on offer.    We can also help with arranging florists, photographers and DJ’s.

Previous functions at Merwida Country Lodge include:

M      Year-end functions

M      21sts

M      Theme parties

M      Birthday parties

M      Baby-showers

M      Family reunions

M      Breakfast runs

M      Anniversaries

M      Dinner parties

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